Christmas is near! The New Year will come soon. Send your holiday eCards to everyone! This Free Greeting Cards is free for you. If you want to edit Christmas Greeting Cards and want to recompose the lay out, you can download the psd version here.

Christmas Greeting Cards

If you have any suggestions for craft idea, don’t hesitate to post your comment.

Fox CraftThis is New Kids crafts idea : cute Printable animal Fox Craft emplate.
You can make this cute animal with sole, thick paper or Funky Foam. The important think is the foam thickness. You must adjust the hole to fit with your craft material tickness. You must adjust The yellow template to fit with your sole or Funky Foam thickness.

Tool and Craft Supplies :

  • Printer
  • paper crafts or sole
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step to make:
1. Print the Fox craft template
2. Duplicate the Blue body and fox legs template
3. Construct your craft template
4. Your cute Fox Craft is Done!

Fox Craft Template

When make a craft we usually use template to make our work easier than make a craft from scratch. We use Craft template to make lot same crafts. To make the printable craft template we need a printer to print our new kids craft idea template. When we cut the paper and only use the template there are lot of pieces of waste paper. You will throw these pieces of paper in waste-paper basket, and then move to dustbin. And tomorrow a garbage truck will take your garbage to garbage dump.
Today environmentally issue is become serious problem in this world. Soil contaminated with dangerous material, climate change known as global warming and other environmentally issues that can make our old world go to very bad condition. These all environment problems can make our life in very dangerous situation.
Why I talk about environmentally issue when we make craft template? Well friends, we can participate to keep our environment by not using dangerous material that can pollute our environment and soil. From today when you want to print a craft template consider about green printing. If order high quality brochure printing, make sure you choose a printing company that provides environment friendly green printing process.

Halloween Recipes & Crafts (Paperback)I DEFINATELY RECOMMEND this book to anyone that has kids or that is a kid themself when it comes to Halloween!!! The book is divided into:

  • History of Halloween
  • Outdoor decorations
  • Indoor Decorations
  • Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Devilishly Delectable Treats
  • Party Favors & Crafts
  • Ghoulish Games
  • Creepy Costumes and Menacing Makeup

Some ideas are not all that original but there are a few things in here that will help you find insperation for your Halloween parties and costums

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Everyone will happy when they receive gift from someone else. Especially when that gift is from someone special. A gift can make relation more closer that before, show how much you care about someone and many other benefit by giving a gift to someone else. For you who want to make a gift for your family or your friends, it would be great idea if you arrange and put your gift on the gift basket to make your gift looks more nice and beautiful.
For you who love to make craft, you can make your own Unique gift basket craft. This can make they who receive your gift will very glad to see your nice present; your lovely Unique Gift Baskets.
For you who run a business, sending a good gift to your client can make your company more prestigious. This an outstanding way to promote strong company performance by giving gift to your client. And this can let your employees know you appreciate their contribution by sending special gift baskets to them.

What ever gift basket you need, now you can order them from online store. Whether you want to find Gourmet Gift Baskets or you want to buy Spa Gift Baskets. Just choose the type of gift basket you need and make sure you buy from store that provide high quality gift baskets.

birthday cardThis is a cute birthday card template for your kid. This printable birthday template format is PNG.
You can add some addition picture behind transparent area with image editing software like adobe photoshop or with free image editing software.
This birthday template file size is 227kb. You can open and then save the file or Download this cute birthday card template.

This birthday template file size is 227kb. You can open and then save the file or right klick and download this cute birthday card template.

When Halloween day come, people get ready for this moment. They decorate their home with Halloween theme and accessories like ugly head from pumpkin. And off course, they also ready for the Halloween party. Sometime people from adult, teen and kids make their own crafts like mask or Halloween costume and accessories for their Halloween Party. They make their Halloween accessories for their own, someone special for them, for their mother or father or their Childrens Costumes and even they make Halloween accessories and costume for their pet! Yes no doubt, Halloween is excited moment for everyone for every ages. For some people this moment can be the one of the sweet memory that you will always remember and you will never forget for the rest of your life when something special happen on that day.

For you who don't have time to prepare for yourself and your family for Halloween accessories and costume. There is a good news for you. Now you can buy your need online. Today there are lot of Halloween store that have largest selection of unique adult and kids Halloween costumes, accessories, and party supplies on the Internet. You can buy Adult Halloween Costumes, Sexy Costumes for yourself or unique costumes for your kids or maybe costume for your pet to make them more funny. Just choose costume you like and buy from prom store that provide high quality product. Happy Halloween!

Candle and wax are useful for our life. Long time ago the use of candles is for the light when night came. Candle also is a part of tradition in many meditation practices. Candles can give you great feeling of a little warmth and light in the room while you are meditating. Some specialized candles make aromatherapy with soy wax and they will fill the room with a pleasing perfume aroma producing a sense of relaxation and calm.
Candle can help us to create romantic moment in our life. You can put candle in candle jars and create a beautiful romantic candle lit bath with a couple scented jar candles and some pillar candles. You can find idea using search engine to find new idea for your romantic moment with candle light.

There are also many good crafts made by wax or candle. There are many other uses of candle and wax. So if you interesting to use them just find candle making supplies and order as you need and make new craft idea from wax.

Kangaroo CraftThis is cute Kangaroo Craft with her Baby Cangoroo.
You can make this cute animal with sole, thick paper or Funky Foam.
Tools and Craft supplies you need :
  • Scissor
  • glue
  • paper
  • pencil


1. Print the kangoroo craft template
2. Duplicate body,legs
3. Construct your craft template
4. Your Cangoroo Craft is Done!

Cangoroo Craft

When you have special event like birthday, baby shower, house warming, anniversary or others event, I think you already prepare for some gifts for your guests, friends and your family. And if we talk about gifts, we can’t forget about gift basket to put your gifts and make your present looks nicer.
Gift baskets are a perfect idea for almost any occasion and any moments. Whether you are giving a Gift Bakets for Christmas or just the gift for an everyday gift, it is definitely something that will bring a smile to their face that receive your present and make yourself feel great about your gift selection.
If you looking the perfect give for someone, it will be great idea if you not only choose the right gifts as your present but you can also choose the right basket and decor it as same theme with the event. If you have an upcoming special event, you can build your custom your gift basket by yourself. And if you don’t have enough time to build your own gift basket, you can buy your Gift Bakets.

Today you can find and search many gift baskets on internet. Lot of store offers their gift basket for every event. Compare and choose the Gift Bakets that you need.

Three-Dimensional Quilling: Making Characters (Quilling series) (Paperback)Mastering three-dimensional quilling—rolling, scrolling, coiling, and fringing narrow strips of paper to create exquisite designs—is made easy in this informative and inspiring book that includes step-by-step photographs and clear instructions.
Projects include making fun finger puppets; a frog with long, lanky legs; a wonderfully curly poodle; a fairy; and an angel.Explanations on making the basic required coils are provided and five fabulous projects show how to create quirky three-dimensional characters by using specialized paper, a quilling needle, and precision scissors.

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There are lots of benefits if you have ability to speak and read more than one language. Individuals who speak and read more than one language have the ability to communicate with more people, read more literature, more job opportunities and benefit more fully from travel to other countries. As example if you go to Spanish, you don’t need the translator if you want to talk with local people because you already learn to speak Spanish and have ability to speak with them. What I want to say is learning foreign language has many benefits for us.

How about your children? What is the benefit for them if they learn foreign language? Some study shows that the benefits of second language learning for children can be dramatic, affecting children neurologically, psychologically and socially. What is even more interesting and new about studies on brain development is the revelation that early exposure to more than one language actually builds a more powerful brain.
Teach your child to learn to speak Spanish, learn to speak Italian, learn to speak French and other language even before they can speak. Research shows that kids' brains are especially receptive to learning a second language before the age of 10 years. I hope this information useful for you.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerThis is craft of the famous animal : Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
It is a song and popular Christmas story about Santa Claus's ninth and lead reindeer who possesses an unusually red-colored nose that gives off its own light, powerful enough to illuminate the team's path through inclement weather.

Craft Instructions to make craft:
1. Print craft template and Print craft template and stick on sole, thick paper or Funky Foam with glue
2. The craft: cut out the craft templates
3. Construct your craft template
4. Your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is done! You can make it as gift craft
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

For those who want to learn to quilt you must have sewing machine. When you want to make sewing patterns, clothes and embroidery you need sewing machine too. If you really want to start learn about quilting and make sewing patterns, clothes and embroidery or else, I suggest you to buy sewing machines for beginners.

As beginner, you should consider to buy sewing machines for beginners that will be functional and easy to use. It doesn't matter how much you pay for the machine, you have to feel comfortable using it. So you must only choose a machine that's right for you.
Buy new sewing machines for beginners and start to learn make your own sewing pattern and clothes. I hope some day you can make your own Prom Dress and Wedding Dress.

Cow Craft TemplateAfter two months, i finally had time to finished one cute new kids craft. Another animal crafts : Printable Cow template.

You can make this cute animal with sole, thick paper or Funky Foam.
Tools and craft supply you need :
Cow Craft TemplateCraft Instructions :
Print the Craft Patterns on paper
Sticking on sole, thick paper or Funky Foam with glue
Cut template with Scissor
Duplicate cow legs and body
Build your cow toy

For next posts, i will post free clipart like christian clipart and free christian powerpoint backgrounds.
If you have any suggestions, please leave comment. Thank

Rabbit craftThis is a Free Printable cute Rabbit craft template

Craft Supplies : sole or paper, Craft Glue, Scissors

Craft Instructions to make craft:
1. Print Rabbit template.
2. cut paper or sole templates with Scissors. Make duplicate rabbit legs and body
3. Construct and use Glue if nessesary
4. Your Animal Rabbit craft is done!
printable fish craft template


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