There are lots of benefits if you have ability to speak and read more than one language. Individuals who speak and read more than one language have the ability to communicate with more people, read more literature, more job opportunities and benefit more fully from travel to other countries. As example if you go to Spanish, you don’t need the translator if you want to talk with local people because you already learn to speak Spanish and have ability to speak with them. What I want to say is learning foreign language has many benefits for us.

How about your children? What is the benefit for them if they learn foreign language? Some study shows that the benefits of second language learning for children can be dramatic, affecting children neurologically, psychologically and socially. What is even more interesting and new about studies on brain development is the revelation that early exposure to more than one language actually builds a more powerful brain.
Teach your child to learn to speak Spanish, learn to speak Italian, learn to speak French and other language even before they can speak. Research shows that kids' brains are especially receptive to learning a second language before the age of 10 years. I hope this information useful for you.


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